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How do Mercer GIMD vehicle types get mapped to AssetLogic

AssetLogic categorises Mercer vehicles as either a “fund” or a “representative account” depending on the type of vehicle it is. This is because we distinguish between pooled funds and segregated accounts in AssetLogic. You can see the summary of the type mapping on the image below based on the Mercer GIMD picklist for vehicle type: […]

How can I use csv to upload Quick Forms data?

Quick Forms have their own csv import that makes it easy to manipulate your data on your local computer. To access the csv, first select the correct quick form and navigate to the correct time interval using the interval picker (circled in red on the image below). From here you can download the on-screen information […]

What is a representative fund or share class?

A representative fund is designated as the most appropriate fund representation for a strategy. Similarly a representative share class is the most appropriate reflection of the underlying share classes of a fund. This is useful where an object has multiple children linked to it. It provides an opportunity to specify the fund or share class […]

Mercer rolls out AssetLogic

We have been working closely with Mercer to build an integration between AssetLogic and GIMD. As we near completion on the integration, Mercer has provided further information for investment managers on the benefits and timing of the AssetLogic rollout. You can read more on the Mercer website by clicking on the image below:  

What is a mandate object?

 A mandate object contains information about segregated client-specific accounts. Mandate objects form the basis of client reporting. As they can contain sensitive information, we only allow mandates to be shared as the parent object in a group. This prevents accidental sharing as part of other data structures. Mandate objects contain information on AuM, attribution and […]

What is a representative account object?

A representative account is an example of a client account, without providing any client-specific details. It allows asset managers to reflect the account details, fee structure and historical performance of client mandates. Usually this is provided as an example to other investors of how their account would look were they to invest a specific value. […]

What is a guest account?

A “guest” account is where a user has been invited to receive or share information by a full member of AssetLogic. Guest accounts do not allow the user to initiate sharing with organisations of their own choice. They are limited to interacting only where they have been invited by a full member. Any guest account […]

VIDEO: Objects

An object is a set of data (fields or documents) that relate to each other and form a logical whole. Here is an overview of objects:

VIDEO: Quick forms

Quick forms are sets of important data that other AssetLogic members are most likely to need. We show them on your homepage to make it easier to keep useful information up to date. Here is an overview of quick forms: