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How do I set alerts for monitoring?

In the Admin dashboard, select Alerts from the top menu and click Add Alert. Select the relevant group, object and fields within the object. The form will give you a choice of parameters. Select what you want and confirm. You can see your Alert History in the top navigation bar.  

How do I submit data I am responsible for?

There are two ways to do this. You can go straight to the objects on your dashboard to update the required field. If you need to submit any data the system will give you a pop up message when you log in. Click on this to go to the data that needs updating. Or you can […]

How do I assign responsibilities to users?

Go to Monitoring on the dashboard and select Responsible Party. Add a request to be sent to a specified user and the system will prompt them for the required information. You can also give yourself responsibility for relevant data fields.  

What is monitoring?

Monitoring enables you to assign certain field updates to specific users. You can also manage your own responsibilities and set up alerts.  

Can I upload linked data?

Yes. If a spreadsheet contains data that you want to upload to different objects, for example a set of funds and a corresponding set of performances, you can select different rows or columns and upload them separately.

What is the primary key in a csv import?

The Primary Key is a field in a table that prevents you from uploading the same data more than once and creating duplicate information. Where you do not have an Object ID in your document, you can identify another field to be the primary key, as long as it is unique to that piece of […]

How do I import from a csv file?

Go to your dashboard and select the object type you want to upload the data to, such as a fund. On the right-hand menu choose Import Fund or Import XML. Create or select an import template and choose the source file. Map the fields in your spreadsheet to the AssetLogic fields, either individually or using Auto-match. […]