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Can I bulk upload data?

Yes. From the dashboard choose an object type, such as Funds. Select Import Funds or Import XML on the right-hand menu. Create or select an import template, choose a file and select Next. Map your spreadsheet fields to the AssetLogic fields, either individually or using auto-match.

How do I edit a permission set?

It depends on the type of permission set. In any case, first go to the Admin section of AssetLogic and select External Permissions on the navigation bar. System permission set You can’t change a system permission set, but you can create a new one and use it to replace an existing permission set Select the […]

How do I create a custom permission set?

Go to the Admin section of AssetLogic and select External Permissions on the navigation bar. Select the Clone icon next to an existing permission set. Name your new permission set and Save it. Use the tick boxes to customise the permission set. You can make this just about as detailed as you want. Select Update.  

What different permissions are available?

AssetLogic is extremely flexible, so you can customise permission sets. We start with three standard levels of permission: Editor (edit all fields), Viewer (see all fields) and Minimum (see minimum information). However, you can also give a user different levels of permission for different objects or even for a particular field or fields within an object. […]

What options does each user have?

There are five types of user: API; admin user; data editor; data viewer; or a custom user designed by you.     The API option is for if you are going to integrate your own IT system. Admin User: This will be the primary contact and will have full rights and access over the account […]

How many users can I have?

There’s no limit. You can have as many as you need. You can create more Admin Users, Data Viewers and Data Editors, as well as Custom Users where you can pick the level of access on each different object type. To use the API you also set up a new user for this.

How do I remove a user?

Go to the Admin section (the circle with your initials in it) of AssetLogic and select Users on the navigation bar. Use the Delete icon on the right of each user record. Users you have deleted will show in Deleted Users and you can restore them if required. Only an admin user can remove another user.  

How can I add new users in my organisation?

On the admin menu (click the circle in the top right corner with your initials in it) go to Users. Select Add and enter the new user’s details. You can then choose their permissions by selecting a User Type. There are also advanced permissions where you can select what that user can do, company-wide, for […]