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How many groups do I need?

It depends on the number of combinations of objects you want to share. Remember that for each person you share with, you can set a level of access to each object: Minimum – allows them to see basic information Viewer – allows them to see all the information you have entered Editor – allows them […]

Where should I start when creating a group?

This is an important decision because it will determine what information you end up sharing. Most of the groups you will create will be Strategy or Fund groups so start with these. Then go through the menus you are given to select what objects you want to see at each level.  

How can I edit a group?

Once you have created a group, you can easily add or remove objects linked to the base object. However, you can’t add or remove object types. To change the structure of a group, you should delete it and start again to avoid inadvertent permission escalation.

How do I add a group?

Go to the User Menu. To reach this, select the small icon with your initials in the top right part of the header bar. From here select Groups. Choose the object you want to base your group on. This determines what information you will share. Most asset management firms will start with a strategy.

What are groups?

AssetLogic works by keeping objects (sets of related information) to a manageable size and creating valuable links between them. Therefore, the information you would associate with, say, a strategy might be broken down into several different objects, such as Strategy (summary and components), Contacts (the people responsible for it), Funds (the funds that are part […]

What if my data doesn’t match the standard?

Because AssetLogic depends on consistent, high-quality information, we only accept data that meets our standards. The system will let you know with a message in red if the data cannot be accepted and you can use the i icon on the data field to help get the right format. If you have problems achieving this, […]