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What are the benefits of using AssetLogic for client reporting?

AssetLogic allows you to share sensitive data in the safest environment. It gives your clients direct, secure online access to the latest information available. Specific benefits include: You can use the same platform for sharing both manager research information as well as your client-related information and reporting. This reduces duplication and the potential for errors. […]

What fields are available for client reporting?

 You can view all fields available in the relevant objects for client reporting by going to the Field Guide and selecting Mandate, Share Class or Performance. There are hundreds on fields available ranging from attribution, details, currency, inception date, linked performance object, you can also link share class for pooled funds. Whether you are reporting […]

How do I share a client report?

 To share a client report you share the relevant mandate, share class, performance and other attached objects. When it comes to sharing client information you want to be certain that only the right people have access to it. In AssetLogic you do this by setting up a Mandate Group. In the Group you select all […]

How can I upload a client report?

 Client report information in AssetLogic can be uploaded as documents, data fields or a combination of both. All background client reporting information (such as the domicile country, initial amount invested and inception date) is captured in the mandate object. The fields have been built to capture individual data points to enable the manager to have […]

What is the difference between a .csv and .xml upload?

A .csv file is limited to one object per file whereas an .xml file can update multiple objects from one file. This is why you will see the upload options as: Import [ObjectName] – this refers to a .csv upload. Import XML – therefore is does not matter which object search page you are in […]

Can I change the currency on a Quick Form?

The currency on the quick forms is pulled through from the currency selected on the corresponding long form. Therefore in order to change the currency on the quick form you need to go into the long form and make the changes, the quick form currency selection would then change from this point forward.  

What is the Field Guide?

The Field Guide is a comprehensive list of all the objects types and their corresponding fields. You can search for specific fields based on a word or phrase. For example the search ‘insurance’ would bring up all insurance related fields: Or you can view all the fields in one object by selecting it from the […]