Client Reporting

Since its launch in September 2019 our Client Reporting product has been showing strong growth.

Instead of copying and emailing confidential data, AssetLogic lets you securely share it, including a full audit history. Clients can easily access historic performance data, valuations and attribution data.

You can also store and share important client documents such as quarterly reports, investment management agreements and transaction statements. All in one place. Everyone sees the most recent changes at any time.

Why is it better?

  • No more emailed spreadsheets. Clients and regulators are looking for better data security.
  • Information is stored on tier 4 datacentres in Luxembourg ensuring security of your data.
  • Consultants and investors have a single login to access reports from multiple managers.
  • Managers can equally use a single system to deliver their investor reports.
  • Every data point and document has a full audit history. Each user can see every update, when it was done and who by.


The launch of ALTEX

We’re super excited about our new AssetLogic to Excel (ALTEX) integration.




Our in-house tech genius Kyle has been figuring out how to let users easily extract data from AssetLogic and manipulate it however they choose. Rather than build a whole new piece of software he thought why not take advantage of the world’s most popular data manipulation tool – Microsoft Excel? So Kyle and his team have built a intuitive integration from AssetLogic to Excel that allows users to download the data from their account at the click of a button. We can help build spreadsheets that report the data ready for you to use.

And we haven’t compromised on security – your account access is protected with an industry leading, revocable secure token system. Your data is refreshed with the click of a button.