What are the benefits of using AssetLogic for client reporting?

AssetLogic allows you to share sensitive data in the safest environment. It gives your clients direct, secure online access to the latest information available. Specific benefits include:

  1. You can use the same platform for sharing both manager research information as well as your client-related information and reporting. This reduces duplication and the potential for errors.
  2. For clients and consultants, accessing data from multiple extranet sites and emails is a pain. Ultimately one portal where clients and consultants can get all the scheme information from all their managers is a better solution.
  3. Adopting the latest safeguards and technology with AL reflects well on your organization, and makes life easier for consultants and clients. All data is held on our tier 4 server warehouse in Luxembourg on multiple server sites.
  4. You are creating a central repository for all your client information stored in one secure place, with a full audit history of changes.
  5. You can use the API to automate uploading and downloading information.
  6. With AssetLogic you are using proven technology and systems. You avoid the investment and risks associated with building your own infrastructure and software.

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