How do I add a new object?

There are two ways to add a new object:

(i) Let’s say you want to add a new strategy. On the dashboard go the left-hand menu of objects. Select Strategies. Select the Actions button. Select Add New Strategy. This opens a pop-up window with blank fields for basic details. Fill these in to add a new strategy. Select Save to open the full version of the new strategy and add more details if you want. Alternatively, select Save & New if you want to save the basic details and add another new strategy.

(ii) If you are in an existing object (eg a firm), you can add a new object to link to (eg a strategy) by selecting Strategies and then Add.

For more information on each data point click the (i) icon in the side menu (…), this will give you the input specifications, ISO standards and any other related information.

Alternatively you can upload details via a mapped csv file. Click here for instructions.

You can view all of your objects in your object map

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