How do I link objects?

In AssetLogic, object linking is done from the “parent” object.

For example, strategies are linked to the managing firm from the firm object. And contacts are linked to from the firm, strategy, fund or share class.

The link itself is differentiated from other fields as you will see text in blue. Where there are no current links you will see the word “Select” in blue.


When you click on the blue “select” text you can either choose an existing object to link to, or you can create a new object by clicking on the “Add New” button:


Once you have either added a new object or selected from the existing list, you will be returned to the liking field. You should now see the link you selected where the word “Select” previously was. To confirm the update you MUST click on the “Save” button at the bottom of the section you are editing. Otherwise any new links will not be saved.


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