What are groups?

AssetLogic works by keeping objects (sets of related information) to a manageable size and creating valuable links between them.

Therefore, the information you would associate with, say, a strategy might be broken down into several different objects, such as Strategy (summary and components), Contacts (the people responsible for it), Funds (the funds that are part of it), Firm (the company that owns it) and Performance (returns and other data).

Groups are designed to let you share as much of this information as you choose with another AssetLogic member. For example, if you want to paint a complete picture of a strategy and share this with others, you will create a group that includes all the different objects relating to it (see above). This means you don’t have to give someone separate permission to see or edit each object. You can create different groups of objects for people you want to share different amounts of information with.

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