What is a contact object?

A contact object contains information on a person in your company or another.

Data associated with a contact includes first name, surname, phone, email and qualifications. A contact can be linked to a firm, strategy or fund, depending on his or her primary responsibility. For example, a fund manager will be linked to a specific fund, while a CEO is more likely to be linked to a firm.

You can see a full list of the data fields for this object by going to the field guide on the dashboard and clicking on the Contact icon.

For more information on each data point click the (i) icon in the side menu […]. This will give you the input specifications, ISO standards and any other related information.

To see when a field has been changed you can click on the clock icon which will show you every time stamp for that field (also in the side menu […]).

You can upload data to a contact object manually by going into the desired object or selecting New from the dashboard. Alternatively you can upload details via a mapped csv file. Click here for instructions.

You can view all of your objects in your object map.


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